Chef's special dishes

Course dishes

【Full reservation system】Please feel well if you have any weak ingredients.
♦ Cooking courses

■Course Dishes Details

We serve with ingredients purchased from various parts of Japan, such as Hokkaido and Akashiura.

4 dishes, clay pot rice, bowls, incense
It becomes almost uniform menu all year.


【6 dishes】7,500 yen
【7 dishes】10,000 yen

4From 9,000 yen per person for people or more
2For guests, we will prepare it for 12,000 yen per person.
Winter Limited With Shiroko 5,000 yen/person

Please check the amount at the time of booking.

2For people, 10,000 yen per person for 4 people, 5,000 yen per person

*Specialty dishes will be purchased after you have made a reservation.
Cancellations after three days ago may incur cancellation fees.